Portugal move from ninth to 16th place with new daily cases of Covit-19

Portugal went from sixth to tenth in the European Union with daily outbreaks of SARS-CoV-2 and ranked ninth to 16th in the world, according to the website. Our world in data.

According to the latest statistics updated today, the member states with the highest number of new infections per million people in seven days are Denmark (7,970), followed by the Netherlands (7,010), Latvia (5,240), Estonia (4,280) and Slovakia (4,000).

The index has an average of 2,380 cases in Portugal, up from 4,270 last Monday.

Globally, Denmark tops the list, taking into account only countries and regions with a population of over one million, followed by the Netherlands, Latvia, Georgia (5,010) and Iceland (4,820).

The European average for this index fell from 2,450 to 2,000 this week, while the global average fell from 352 to 296.

In terms of the average number of daily deaths Govit-19In Portugal it fell to 5.3 from 5.1 this week, well below the European average, and rose to 4.7 from 4.3 this week.

Bulgaria 13.1, Croatia 11.7, Hungary (9.1), Greece (09) and Slovenia (7.2) had the highest average number of seven-day daily deaths.

The European average for this indicator is 4.7 and the global average is 1.3.

Bosnia and Herzegovina (13.6), Bulgaria, Georgia (12.3), Croatia and northern Macedonia (11.5) are the countries with the highest average of one million deaths per day worldwide over the past seven years due to Govt-19. In days.

According to a recent report by Agency France-Press, Govt-19 has caused at least 5,799,910 deaths worldwide since the outbreak.

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In Portugal, since March 2020, 20,530 people have died and 3,085,260 cases have been reported, according to the latest update from the Directorate of Health.

Since its first discovery in South Africa in November, the rapidly spreading and changing Ómicron variant has become the dominant variant in the world.

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