Portugal is among the top ten countries in the world for digital nomads

Spain tops the digital nomad index table. The North American press warns that future changes in the law, such as the end of the RNH regime, could explain the fact that Madrid beat Lisbon.

Portugal is considered one of the top ten countries in the world for digital nomads with a score of 3.58. ranking Visa Guide from International Guide. However, the North American press is warning of future changes in the law that could explain the fact that Madrid beat Lisbon.

“Portugal has already announced a number of political changes in 2024 that could be considered hostile to digital nomads, including the end of the non-habitual residents regime, which allowed tax reductions for ten years for new residents regardless of nationality”, says this Sunday. “CNBC” channel.

Spain leads the table Digital Nomad Code, followed by Argentina, Romania, United Arab Emirates and Croatia. Portugal ranks sixth ahead of Uruguay, Malta, Norway and Andorra.

This index ranks countries based on the following criteria: special visa availability, internet speed, tax policies and duration of tax exemptions, income requirements for visa applications, cost of living in euros, Global Health Score (GHS – Global Health Score) and popularity tourism.

Portugal has had a visa for digital nomads since last year. This “passport” is intended for citizens from outside the European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA) who wish to live and work abroad from Portugal.

The government issued about 2,600 visas to digital nomads in one year, according to information sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the “Público” newspaper in November. Foreign workers in this regime are North Americans, Brazilians, and British, and the most sought after cities are Lisbon, Porto, and Funchal (Madeira).

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The digital nomad visa, which came into force in the country in October 2022, is valid for up to one year – but longer than a tourist visa – and gives the right to multiple entries within the national territory. It is also possible for the remote worker’s family members to temporarily stay or request a residence visa so that digital nomads can keep loved ones close by.

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