People throw chicken nuggets at Harry Styles parties

Harry Styles during a talk performance on The Today Show

Harry Styles during a talk performance on The Today Show
picture: Angela Weiss/AFP (Getty Images)

For this author – Card Millenniumevery piece From news coming from Harry StilesThe latest set of Love On Tour dates makes the whole experience feel like Pocket world, where the ordinary laws to attend the concert simply do not apply. This is especially true for his whole sale, 15 offered a residence in New York’s Madison Square Garden, which is somewhat outrageous in its own right. there nugly conga lines! sOh many signs! Fans line up as early as 9 am! General admission ticket holders Allegedly they pee in the hole So as not to lose their hard-earned positions on the barrier!

And now, apparently, people are throwing stale chicken nuggets at the singer because…why not? A video posted on Twitter from the fifth night of the stay details the entire incident, which must have been especially horrific for Styles, a self-proclaimed vegetarian:

Who threw the chicken pieces?Styles cautions against the very bored babysitter tone, because — let’s admit it — that’s basically what it is at this point. To shout ‘Eat it!’ All!” he mentions to the noisy crowd a) he doesn’t eat chicken (“other than manjia carne, to be exact), b) it’s cold and c) he’s probably too old. These are all claims that are absolutely indisputable, something we cannot say about Other controversial statements made by the recent actor.

Fortunately, Styles seems to have a positive view of the entire McNugget fiasco, which –If other fan behaviors are to be believed– He will definitely be re-enacted in future shows. Really elated if a little confused, the singer moves to return the offending snack to its original owner with a shrug of his pink, tank-dotted shoulders.

“Why?” He asks, before immediately answering his own question: “Because.” Because it already is.

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