Peace summit: 34 nations, no final declaration and gap between Arab world and West

At the same time, the Israeli army’s entry into Gaza was imminent Israel has considered The intensity of the attacks will increase from this SaturdayA peace summit in Cairo, Egypt to discuss the “Palestinian issue” ended without a joint statement from the 34 countries and organizations present.

Egypt, the country that invited the meeting, issued a statement praising the effort to seek a consensus beyond political or religious positions to address the crisis and the situation between Israel and Palestine. However, in a statement released by the Egyptian Presidency, the organization has strongly criticized the border between Arab countries and Western countries.

“While on the one hand we see the immediate condemnation of the massacre of innocent people, on the other we see an inexplicable reluctance to condemn the same act. We also see attempts to justify this killing as if the life of a Palestinian man is less important than the lives of others.

It was clear from the first moment that there was a consensus among the meeting participants in favor of the idea. Re-implement the “two-stage” solutionProposed in 1974 by the UN

However, a sensitive gap between the Arab world and the West regarding the assessment of the Palestinians’ situation was also noted, with Arab sources telling Spanish agency EFE that despite agreement on many points, a final declaration had not been prepared. European refusal to hold Israel responsible for civilian deaths and to demand a cease-fire.

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