Patriots trade guard Chuck Mason for the Bucks, linebacker Chase Winovich for the Browns

The Patriots sent veteran right-hand guard Chuck Mason to the Buccaneers, according to a league source. The Patriots will receive a fifth-round selection in return.

Beginning with making it to the fourth round in 2015, the tough road grader was scheduled to earn a base salary of $6.5 million this season with a cap of $10.1 million.

The trade unlocked just over $7 million in salary cap space.

This was their second trade that day. They started by sending top defender Chase Winovich to FC Brown in exchange for quarterback Mac Wilson, according to a league source.

Winovic had a strong start in New England, hitting 11 sacks in his first two seasons after being drafted in the third round in 2019. His shots fell dramatically in 2021, playing only 10 percent of defensive picks and making just 5 total saves. In the third round. season. He appeared in 45 regular season games over the course of three seasons.

Winovich was a healthy scratch to lose the accessory at Buffalo, a harbinger of his future with the Patriots.

After news of the trade spread, Winovich posted a message on Twitter to say he was grateful for his time in New England.

Wilson, who was like Winovic in the final year of his junior deal, was a regular player in the Cleveland defense. The Alabama producer has 160 tackles in three seasons and his access provides insurance in the position should Dont’a Hightower and Ja’Whun Bentley not return for 2022.

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Wilson, who is listed for the Browns at 6 feet 1 inch and 233 pounds, was drafted in the fifth round in 2019, and appeared in 43 regular season games for Cleveland. In 2021, he had 26 singles and 42 joint interventions.

He was Alabama’s main striker in the National Championship game after the 2017 season, making seven tackles and helping five others in Crimson Tide’s victory over Georgia.

In 2018, Wilson had one bag and two Alabama interceptions, along with 71 total interventions.

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