“Pakmut may be a first diversionary maneuver and mass attack elsewhere”

A A Ukrainian counteroffensive may have already begun with the Battle of Pakmut in the east of the country. A Ukrainian military video shows what appears to be the start of the attack. The military command ensures that the Kiev troops are victorious and that they are already withdrawing the Russian legion from the city of Donbass. In Istanbul, the Negotiation of grain export Ukrainian and Russian fertilizers. An extension to the contract, which expires next week, is being discussed. These are the topics under analysis by SIC’s commentator Germano Almeida this morning.

“We in the West are not yet aware of the plans, so there is a Ukrainian idea that this is a beginning, and no one knows where this counteroffensive can actually be launched, because the Bakmut question could be a first diversion maneuver and necessary. And the massive offensive will be elsewhere,” says Germano Almeida.

The commentator recalled that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky promised a very productive week That’s it Kiev is studying various scenarios to launch a counterattack. As for Bagmut, it is also known that Russia maintains pressure on the city.

The Grain Agreement was negotiated in Istanbul

“We know [o acordo] A few days ago it almost reached a breaking point, and now there are some signs of improvement”. “Russia itself says that the agreement will be renewed. “Russia is doing everything to take advantage of this demand for extension,” explains Germano Almeida.

However, the SIC commentator emphasizes that Moscow has an alternative, which has an unexpected trump card if things go wrong Agreement to unite the UN, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine.

“Russia is preparing a major deal with China to use a new land route between Russia and China to prepare a grain route through Siberia to the Far East by October 1”.

Germano Almeida underlines that Moscow thus “alternates with China if this deal does not work”.

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Chinese Foreign Minister in Berlin

In connection with that Visit of Chinese diplomatic chief to German capitalThe commentator recalled that Beijing was keen to move forward with a peace deal and mediate the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.. However, the parties were not interested in this mediation.

On the role of the European Union (EU) in relations with China War in Ukraine, Germano Almeida considers: “We need to know exactly what China wants and what we want with China”.

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