Norway has already detained seven Russians for using drones to record images of the country’s airports. whats going on? – Spectator

In recent days, Norway has announced the arrest of at least seven Russians for using drones in the country. One of the men identified was Andrei Yakunin, the son of one of Putin’s strongmen and another citizen with Israeli citizenship. The arrests come after drones were found flying in areas such as airports or border areas with Russia, and in recent weeks drones were also identified flying in areas of Norwegian gas pipelines.

One of the Russians, Andrei Yakunin – also a British citizen – has been detained and has already appealed the decision. According to Report Lawyers for the son of one of Putin’s strongmen called Yakunin’s “unlawful” detention, saying he “did not violate the sanctions in place.”

Norway’s prime minister has no problem naming criminals for drone-recording operations, including incidents at gas pipelines in the North Sea, if the arrests come under sanctions imposed since the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. On the territory of the country: Russia.

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