No need to separate laundry in the machine!

Separation of whites from coloreds was once necessary. I separated the whites so I could bleach them and wash the colors in cold water to protect them from running and fading. Clothes are expensive, as are washing machines and dryers. So be careful with both. Since the habit of doing laundry is usually passed down through the family and not through school, if your grandparents sorted laundry, your parents probably did too. But do you need to? The truth is that you don’t need to separate the clothes you are going to wash in the machine.

No need to separate laundry in the machine!

Although sorting laundry isn’t necessary, according to most laundry experts, there are some long-term benefits to sorting and washing clothes separately. But we have to quantify the benefits. If you wash them all together there is no real threat to your clothes or machines. The only thing is that the life of your clothes might decrease a bit, but that’s about it. Since most of the clothes we wear now are a by-product of fast fashion, there is less investment in each piece and they are not made to last as long as the clothes of the olden days.

In addition, natural fibers and previously more common dyes have been replaced by synthetic fibers and better dyeing processes. It makes very colorful clothes. These garments are highly resistant to washing processes. Advances in detergents also focus on using less detergent, preventing colors from fading, keeping whites bright, and washing everything in cold water to save energy. As a result, the most delicate of common laundry fabrics.

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In fact, many people express on social networks and forums, especially younger people, that they no longer share stealing. However, there is an exception to the rule.

Separate washing machine

Amidst all this there is one important exception!

Sportswear is probably treated to repel water. Many times, you need a special detergent that I bet you haven’t used because it’s new. But it makes sense if you think about it. Sportswear is the dirtiest item of clothing we throw in the washing machine. At the same time it is likely to be one of the most expensive clothes we own. Look for anything labeled “moisture wicking,” “breathable,” or “high strength,” and be sure to separate those garments from your other clothing. Also, if you can, opt for sports washing.

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