New York State is requesting a disaster zone declaration due to the storm

At a press conference in Buffalo, a city in New York state hit hard by snow and low temperatures, Kathy Hochul, quoted by EFE, highlighted the importance of the move to counter the costs and gastronomy of the storm. It killed half a hundred people across America.

Although conditions have improved, 15 to 30 centimeters of snow is still expected in southern Erie County, including Buffalo, its capital.

“The situation has not been bad for the past two days, but it is dangerous to be on the street. Stay home tomorrow,” Kathy Hochul said.

According to local officials, 12,000 homes were without power in Buffalo today, where four power substations were damaged as the storm passed.

According to Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, there have been robberies in the city, where some arrests have been made.

Local media reported 27 deaths in New York state, 18 of them in Buffalo.

Below-normal temperatures for the season will hit all U.S. states throughout the week, leading to power outages in nearly 1.7 million homes and businesses.

Storm Elliott, caused by an Arctic cold front, stretches from the Great Lakes near Canada to the Rio Grande on the border with Mexico, affecting 60% of the US population.

Today, temperatures were very cold across much of the eastern United States, but the National Weather Service projected a “moderate trend through Tuesday.”

According to the service, travel on some roads is still “dangerous” due to snow, but conditions will improve in the coming days.

In many cities along the East Coast, and even in Florida, known for its mild temperatures, thermometers set multi-decade lows.

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New York City recorded a minimum temperature of -10.5° Celsius (C) on Christmas Day, which had not occurred since 1872, while the US capital, Washington, recorded a low of -10°C on Christmas Day, the coldest since 1983, when Tampa, Florida, reached it. Below zero temperature, which has not happened since 1966.

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