NATO pledges ‘resolute and united’ response to Russia infrastructure attack

“Any deliberate attack against critical NATO infrastructure will receive a firm and united response,” Stoltenberg said in a statement to US network NBA when asked about the possibility of sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline.

Regarding Russia’s recent annexation of four Ukrainian regions, Stoltenberg was quoted as saying by Europa Press that “the best response is to continue supporting Ukraine.”

Asked about Ukraine’s bid to quickly join NATO, Stoltenberg stressed that the decision must be accepted by all members of the alliance.

Ukraine formalized its application for membership in NATO on Friday, following the annexation of four Ukrainian regions (Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia) to Russia.

The possibility of Ukraine joining the Atlantic alliance was one of the justifications given by Putin for ordering the invasion of the neighboring country on February 24 this year.

Before the invasion, Putin demanded NATO guarantees that he would never accept Ukraine and Georgia, as well as that NATO forces return to positions before expanding eastward, and NATO and Western allies rejected such demands.

Four Ukrainian regions were annexed following a partial demobilization ordered by Putin on September 21 after setbacks for Russian troops in Ukraine.

The mobilization, which included 300,000 reservists, prompted tens of thousands of Russians to flee to neighboring countries.

The number of civilian and military casualties in the war in Ukraine is unknown, but many sources, including the UN, have said it could be much higher.

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