Metro: Last Light Complete Edition is currently free to save from Steam

Metro: Last Light is free and it’s a free and scary shooter. It was made available by developers 4A Games to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The catch, sort of, is that this is the full version, and it’s one that doesn’t even show up in Steam’s search results. The slightly improved Metro: Last Light Redux will cost you a few bucks or bucks.

From now until May 25th, you can head to Metro: Last Light Complete Edition Steam page And press the button to add it to your account. You will then keep it forever.

It’s worth doing. Like the original Metro 2033, Last Light is an atmospheric shooter set in the subway tunnels below post-apocalyptic Moscow. The tunnels are filled with humanity’s last survivors, but also full of mutants that are almost dangerous. It’s a fine, more linear companion to the Stalker games, and Jim dug it a lot in 2013.

Metro: Last Light also followed in the footsteps of its predecessor by having some rough edges, which Redux has re-released smooth it out With some additional modes and visual polish. The original is still a great game, and this is the full version, which already includes extras that were originally released as DLC.

If you enjoyed Last Light, then you can graduate to 2019’s Metro Exodus, which traded subterranean tunnels for a more open (but ultimately still linear) overworld and the same grim attention to detail.

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