Marcelo reveals China’s inclusion in NATO’s new strategic vision

President Marcelo Rebello de Souza noted that NATO’s new strategic vision was “an important addition” to China and that the alliance wanted a “strong position for peace” with Russia.

Speaking to reporters at the entrance to the Portugal-Kenya Economic Forum, next to Palacio de Belெm in Lisbon, Marcelo Rebello de Souza said:

“It’s weird, but it’s true,” the head of state said.

“It simply came to our notice then. NATO considers China a world hero Therefore, it should be defined in relation to China, in that sense, there is a change or, if you will, an important addition to the NATO summit and NATO’s strategic position, “he added.

The new strategic vision of NATO, which was negotiated at the summit in Madrid, has not yet been officially released.

As for Russia, Marcelo Rebello de Souza considered that the Atlantic Alliance wants to have a “strong position for peace”, which is “followed by the Russian Federation, and NATO responds”.

According to the President of the Republic, “the Russian Federation has raised shares” and the response was “NATO, if necessary, raises shares”.

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