Man shot dead in US bus chase

A passenger has died after being shot on a hijacked bus by a man, leading to a police chase through the streets of the southeastern US city of Atlanta.

After police in the Georgia state capital manned the bus, in neighboring DeKalb County, they found a passenger with gunshot wounds who was taken to a hospital, but he died.

Joseph Grier, 39, was arrested in downtown Atlanta for hijacking a public transit bus with 17 people, including the driver, at gunpoint.

According to North American broadcaster NBC News, city police confirmed there were no injuries following the police chase, during which the bus traveled 32 kilometers.

Atlanta Police Chief Darrin Schierbaum told reporters that Grier has 19 arrests and felony convictions that mean he is not legally authorized to use firearms.

The incident comes hours after a man shot and killed three people in a downtown Atlanta food court before being shot by an off-duty police officer.

The suspect and three victims were taken to the hospital, but none of them were in life-threatening condition, officials said.

Schierbaum said police investigators do not believe the food court shooting is connected to the bus hijacking.

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens praised police officers for their actions in a situation that “could have been worse” and insisted the police chase “looked like something out of a movie.”

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