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Municipality of Madrid Decided Back, this Tuesday, the In 2006, Vladimir Putin was awarded the city’s Golden Key emblem. El País reported on Tuesday that almost all political parties (PP, PSOE, Más Madrid, Ciudadanos and an independent group) except VOX voted in favor.

Vladimir Putin was given a gold key 16 years ago during an official visit by the Spanish capital Mayor Alberto Ruiz Gallard to the Russian presidency in gratitude for his support. Issued after the 2004 terrorist attack.

Now, political parties have almost unanimously agreed to remove the Russian president’s badge. “Putin is not a person worthy of recognition.”, Mass Madrid spokeswoman Rita Maestro commented. On behalf of PSOE and Ciudadanos, this initiative was also supported.

In turn, the PP was reluctant about its vote, But voted in favor of withdrawing the badge. Voted against VOX. Right-wing Nationalist Party spokesman Javier Ortega Smith accused Vladimir Putin of being a “communist tyrant” but did not support the withdrawal of keys and gold “because he was not handed over” to the Russian president, but rather to the Russian people.

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Another proposal from Más Madrid, approved, includes Schooling guarantee for Ukrainian children Arrival in the city and housing for families in need. The Left Party has proposed to the Spanish government that refugees have access to the property of Russian oligarchs in the capital.

Through an agreement with the federal government, the city of Madrid provides that during a state visit to a head of state, he will be given the city key. In 2007, the capital presented the emblem to Libyan Muammar al-Gaddafi.

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