Mac Jones’ intercept appears to veer off the wire of ESPN SkyCam

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Jaquan Brisker Mac Jones intercepts the Bears’ victory over the Patriots. Replays later surfaced to show Jones’ throw deviated slightly from the wire of the ESPN SkyCam. Matthew J. Lee / Globe Stuff

Bruins defeated the stars 3-1 Tuesday. Boston returns on Thursday (7pm) to play with the Red Wings at TD Garden.

The Celtics are suspended until Friday’s home game against the Cavaliers at 7:30 p.m.

Intercept with the help of (minor) SkyCam: As it turns out, there were more major plays from the Patriots 14-33 Losing to the Bears on Monday night is what it seemed like at first.

Mac Jones, returning from an ankle injury to start the game against Chicago, threw what proved to be a Lily interception in the second quarter. Can Jones I quit the game After a turn in favor of Bailey Zappe’s reserve.

But upon further review, it turns out that Jones’ throw on interception was subtly deflected by an ESPN SkyCam’s own wire.

It was the moment Initially mentioned by a Buffalo Bills fan on Twitterwith Pro Football Focus’s Doug Cade also sharing a video of what appeared to be the ball hitting the wire.

It is impossible to know exactly how much the football’s trajectory would have changed without hitting the wires – and whether it would be intercepted – impossible.

However, had officials noted that it would be a simple decision, the objection would be dismissed.

“If a loose ball during play hits a video board, guide wire, sky camera, or anything else, the ball will die instantly, and the bottom ball will be returned to the previous point,” The NFL rulebook notes about it.

The fact that the play ended with a spin means that Bill Belichick simply couldn’t appeal the ruling either (as scores and turnovers are automatically reviewed).

Instead, the onus was on the return official to call for a review of the booth.

The rulebook says, “If there is no judgment on the court that the ball hit an object, the restart official is authorized to initiate a cabin review, even if the event occurred before the two-minute warning.” “If the Replay official has not initiated any cabin review before the two-minute warning, then a coach challenge is permitted under the applicable rules for such a challenge.”

Given the almost imperceptible contact the football seemed to be making with the wire, the incident was missed during the actual match.

Modernization: ESPN issued a statement on the matter, denying that football had hit the SkyCam wire.

“This pass from Mac Jones did not reach ESPN’s SkyCam network. This video creates a false impression, but in fact the SkyCam wire was more than 15 feet above the ball and our SkyCam system followed all NFL protocols.”

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