Luxembourg calls on French to stop Marine Le Pen in second round of presidency

“I know the result [das eleições] Le Pen is not the French president in the European Union (EU), ”Jean Asselborn told a meeting of 27 foreign ministers at the EU camp in Luxembourg today.

He added: “This is not only a turning point in Europe, it is a project of values, a project of peace, but it will completely take the essence of the EU in another direction. The French must stop him.

Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Xavier Petal is an outspoken supporter of outgoing French President Emmanuel Macron.

In the first round of the French presidential election on Sunday, Jean Acehleborn rated the far-right decision as “extremely worrying” and described France as “in a kind of political civil war.”

“As a European at heart, it is important for me to be united and strong as Europeans, especially in these difficult times,” German Foreign Minister Annalena Barbach said before a meeting with European colleagues, without elaborating.

Outgoing French President Emmanuel Macron received 27.42% of the vote, with 89% of the vote counted in the first round of the French presidential election, according to the Interior Ministry.

Provisional results posted on the Internet by the ministry indicate that the National Union (far right) candidate Marine Le Pen received 24.6% of the vote, while the far left candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon received 20.8% of the vote. %

The turnout is 27%.

Macron and Le Pen will run in the second round on April 24. According to opinion polls conducted after the first round, the French president may be re-elected.

Macron has the intent of getting 54% and 51% of the vote, against which Le Pen has 46% -49%, which means the competition will be much closer than the president won with 66.1% of the vote five years ago. The National Union received 33.9%.

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