Lukashenko advises citizens to drink milk or tea in the face of rising prices – Spectator

Faced with rising prices in Belarus, President Alexander Lukashenko has advised citizens to give up goods such as coffee.

“The price of coffee, bananas and some other commodities will go up because it is not up to us. We buy them, but that’s not our biggest concern. They love coffee and don’t get upset when the price goes up. Switch to milk and tea. I don’t drink coffee, I’m fine.” Belda.

During a meeting at the Independence Palace, the Belarusian leader, despite sanctions imposed due to the war in Ukraine, National products are sold as “Hot Rolls”..

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“Listen, what sanctions are you talking about? What sanctions on Belarus? What is stopping us today? Name at least one thing we cannot sell. Russia will swallow everything but two or three things. So control these two or three things. Everything else sells like hot cakes. emphasized.

Realizing that export prices were high, Lukashenko urged officials to do their job efficiently. “I can’t run behind everyone and tell them what to do. Do your work conscientiously”.

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