Lucas: FSU Quick Reactions – University of North Carolina Athletics

By Adam Lucas

1. Wow. Carolina completely swept Florida on Saturday afternoon, taking her best half in Hubert Davis Era in the first 20 minutes to build an advantage 62-24. It was the biggest first-half advance for UNC since 2006, the largest first-half advance for Carolina ever at the Smith Center in an ACC game, and the third-largest first-half advance for Carolina at the Smith Center. The end result was Carolina’s 94-74 victory.

2. The shoe ended with four players in double characters, led by Caleb Love With a score of 18 points. Armando Bacot He had another double, scoring 17 points with 14 rebounds. As was somewhat expected, Carolina could not maintain the same efficiency in the second half.

3. black leaky Set the tone for that early attack. Scored or assist in four of Carolina’s first seven baskets. One of his passes was rewarded with a quick sprint Brady Manic Opposite dipping and post liberating Caleb Love for three indicators. Black was also the main figure in imposing an early Seminole shot clock violation as part of an early FSU struggle that included not scoring a field goal until 11:32.

4. Everything seemed easier to Carolina in that match. That includes the transition game, which saw the Tar Heels put up 16 fast break points in the first half alone. A depleted FSU team, who also lost to Caleb Mills less than eight minutes into the game, simply didn’t put up a significant defensive resistance, which is why Heels hit 74.2% of the field in the first half. Carolina finished 20 fast break points.

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5. A dynamic first half was overshadowed by a brief blackout. The power surge knocked out some breakers, causing teams to play nearly seven minutes of game time with low lighting. The lights came back full before the half. . Seven minutes of game time with low lighting, full lighting back before the break. Credit Smith Assistant Director Brett Leclerc with being the first to notice that Carolina simply turned off the lights.

6. Considering that Carolina still has a date with Syracuse, choosing Leonard Hamilton to go into the region in the second half could prove beneficial. Carolina often doesn’t have that much exposure in a zone late in the season, especially against a team that’s as energetic and athletically tall at FSU.

7. Dominance was so complete in the first half that Davis was able to use the bench more generously. Dontrez . patterns Good early five minutes, including offensive rebounds, basket through contact. He also made a spin when he dribbled a lot, but part of that responsibility also falls to his teammates for not making themselves available. Styles finished with eight points in 16 minutes and they also added four rebounds. Keep in mind that he’s a freshman – he also had three transformations.

8. Carolina also got good contributions from Buff Johnson, which hit a three pointer and drew a charge in the first half. Johnson finished with five points and three plates. adding in nine of Kerwin WaltonHeel earned 22 points off the bench.

9. As you already know, Dawson Garcia It won’t be in the mix for the remainder of the season. While Garcia’s loss certainly limits Carolina’s job options – they could have used him, say, Tuesday night when Bacot had a foul problem at Clemson – it does provide some certainty with the Tar Heel staff for the rest of the year.

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10. In the long run, this has been a very good week for the NCAA Championship credentials in Carolina. After a major victory over Purdue, Michigan moved to number 30 in the NCAA network rankings. Why is this important? Because the Heels’ victory over Michigan now counts as a four-way win, and it’s the first of the season. In other good news, Miami is currently playing Wake Forest, which means one of these two teams will lose – hitting the tar heels in the ACC standings and giving another loss to the team currently holding the tiebreaker over Carolina (both Miami and Wake holding the tiebreak over heels). ). Watch for Wake, as the Deacs’ next games will be against Duke and Notre Dame – two other teams battling the Heels near the top of the league. There will be movement in that arrangement over the next week or so. Carolina just needs to keep winning.

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