Lost Ark Powerpass Guide: How to Get Free Personal Boosts

The Ark of the Lost Covenant and its narrative pass the power Arrive. The game has captured the zeitgeist out of the gate, and only time will tell if this MMO has the appeal for many players to go the distance with. Unlike other MMO games, Lost Ark is specifically focused on players with multiple personalities. Several different game systems such as Roster level, Strongholds, and Adventurer’s Tome are available at the account level, and the game also supports the ability to transfer resources between characters. Since a lot of Lost Ark’s endgame content is crammed so often that it can only be played on a per character basis, a player consisting of multiple characters who completes endgame content on a regular basis will be able to earn more rewards than the player who only plays one character.

But who has time to level up the multiple characters? Although the Lost Ark leveling experience is not that long compared to some other MMO games, playing through the game’s story multiple times adds a lot. Fortunately, the developers at Smilegate RPG are aware of this, and have come up with a nice way for players who may not have time to upgrade multiple characters so they can reap the benefits of having a roster of many max level characters. It’s called Powerpass. Here’s how it works.

Explain lost ship Powerpass

What’s better than a character ready for the end? Three of them.

After completing the game’s main story (culminating in the Ealyn’s Gift Mission in the North Vern region), the Powerpass will be sent to your account via the in-game mail system. What is Powerpass? It’s basically a level boost that, when claimed, allows the character that was used to bypass the Lost Ark storyline. On the character selection screen, you’ll see a giant Powerpass button when choosing which characters can use the pass. From there you can simply use the swipe on the character you want. It’s fairly simple.

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More complicated is what Powerpass actually does. He. She Level 50 does not give you instant characters. Instead, consuming a Powerpass on a character unlocks the so-called Adventurer’s Path. This is a highly compressed compromise and is effectively a Cliff Notes version of the Lost Ark story, as told by NPC Beatrice. The Adventurers course will teach you the basics of your class as soon as level 50, fill you in on how the game’s progression systems work, and allow you to quickly re-experience some of the key moments in the story. Upon completion of the Adventurers track, you will find yourself a new level 50 owner equipped with equipment suitable for Vern’s endgame content.

Fabulous, isn’t it? Well, buckle up, because this deal is getting sweeter. After the granted Powerpass is used to complete the main story, a second completely free Powerpass will be sent via in-game mail again. This means that you only need to complete the entire Lost Ark leveling process once to basically get three characters ready for the endgame.

Getting two Powerpasses for free is a huge time saver and helps free up playing space for time constrained players who may not have enough time to engage in a massive MMO like others do. It’s also a great way to experience more of the 15 Lost Ark classes, allowing you to experience more of what Lost Ark has to offer. With three classes of extreme levels, you can have a maximum level class that fulfills each of the three game roles: tank, support, and DPS. Or you can simply use Powerpasses in classes that you think sound fun. it’s your choice. If you’re diving in Arkesia for the first time, be sure to read the Lost Ark Beginner’s Guide for essential tips to help you get on the ground running.

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