Los Angeles Chargers QB Justin Herbert (Ribs) is expected to make a decision on the pain relief dose during Sunday’s pre-game warm-up, sources said.

Los Angeles Chargers Quarterback Justin Herbert He is expected to make a decision during Sunday’s pre-game warm-ups about whether to take a painkilling injection into his fractured rib cartilage to attempt a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, sources ESPN’s Adam Shifter reported.

A source told Shifter that Herbert was “pressing to play”. Despite Herbert’s desire to play, there was growing doubt about his status at the weekend. Shifter says the decision to play has bounced back and forth throughout the week.

Herbert was injured against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 2, taking a hit from a defensive end Mike Dana Which made him lie on the field for a long time.

Herbert is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game.

“It’s day in and day out, just waiting to see how he feels,” Chargers coach Brandon Staley said on Friday. “We’ll keep going through the rest of this week and see how it goes.”

In the meantime, Herbert is not expected to have his position Corey LinsleyWho suspects he has a knee injury, says Shifter.

In addition to the receiver Kenan Allen, who is suspected of a hamstring injury, would like to try playing, but it’s not certain he will, Shifter reported. back corner JC Jackson (Ankle) is suspect and not expected to play, according to a Shifter report.

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