Lavrov calls the deployment of F-16 fighter jets an “unacceptable escalation.”

“W“Of course this is an unacceptable escalation,” the head of Russian diplomacy told Moscow.Kremlin Putin, responding to a question about Western plans to supply Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets.

Portions of that interview were published earlier today on the social networking site Telegram.

Lavrov said he believed “there are reasonable people who understand this” in the West.

However, he underlined that “those in charge are Washington, London and their satellites within the European Union (EU), primarily the Baltic States and Poland.”

Lavrov pointed out that it is these countries that will “carry out on the ground the task set by the United States to weaken Russia and give it a strategic defeat.”

The Russian Foreign Minister drew attention to the fact that “in the circles of political scientists in the West, there is already talk about the decolonization of Russia.”

“They are referring to the disintegration of Russia. It is playing with fire. Without a doubt. I hope that sane people will finally stop wholeheartedly supporting the neo-Nazi regime created by the West,” Lavrov stressed.

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