Renault is under pressure to reduce the price of electric cars

Finally, the French company has changed its mind and is going to lower the price of its electric cars, mostly because of the new prices offered by Tesla.

Renault is following Tesla’s lead on electric car pricing

The new price pressure on Tesla is forcing brands to rethink the pricing of their electric vehicles

When American Tesla introduced new prices for its electric cars, electric car brands changed their plans.

Like a game of chess, Tesla has made moves against the king of electric cars in Europe, and for some manufacturers it could be a checkmate move!

Tesla has announced a price cut for its cars in Spain, with the Tesla Model 3 now priced below €40,000, making this electric vehicle the cheapest and best performing electric vehicle on the market!

A movement that has come to shake up the automobile industry, brands have to join the game and adjust their prices or realize they can’t stand up to Tesla!

Muskin American offers a quality/price ratio in its electric cars that no other brand can offer, thus positioning itself as one of the preferred options for electric car buyers.

That was in February Luca Di MeoRenault’s CEO spoke clearly about the price war initiated by Tesla and clarified the French woman’s position on the matter: We will not lower prices.

A posture can be due to two reasons:

But now Renault has changed its mind to follow the same path as Tesla.

Tesla, in this latest price cut, the Renault Megane E-Tech is more affordable than the Tesla Model 3!

A change that left Renault’s Fabrice Cambolive with a message for Europeans: “We will analyze prices by country, market by market and the level of competitiveness we need to have in the game.

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Tesla has a challenge for us, starting with cost, by lowering prices. We are careful and we will act.

A clear, concise and disturbing message, in which traditional manufacturers must work hard to reduce costs in the production processes of their electric cars, so that they can compete with Tesla, currently the most valuable in the world. .

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