Kremlin warns that sanctions will affect the credibility of the dollar and the euro – News

In a televised interview, the Russian president’s representative recalled that the West had frozen part of Russia’s foreign currency reserves to punish Moscow for its military campaign in Ukraine, which would “accelerate the process of international foreign exchange reserves erosion”.

“It represents an erosion of confidence in the dollar and the euro, which has always been the backbone of all international accounts,” Dmitry Peskov said.

According to Pesco, “most countries are skeptical about the credibility of the dollar and the euro and tend to consider tariff variations in terms of national currencies”.

“It’s an unstoppable process and it will only grow,” he said.

The Kremlin’s spokesman pointed out that Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to order the sale of gas in rubles to countries that have imposed sanctions on Russia, not to punish anyone, but to prevent the re-freezing of Russian gas sales. .

“Russia is not threatening anyone. Russia has never really threatened anyone. But under the conditions of a hostile environment and under the conditions of hostile actions against us, we have an obligation to reduce these risks, ”he said.

A spokesman for the Russian president said, “The dance of these bans will cost the Europeans.”

“Starting with some medieval political interests and stepping into the throat of your own economy is at least unreasonable and unwise,” he added, adding: “However, Russia trusts the common sense of our adversaries. Gas buyers.”

However, he noted that at present “there is a kind of obstruction frantic”. The largest embargo in history now falls on Russia.

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Peskov said many years ago that no one could have imagined that sanctions could be imposed on a head of state and that the sanctions imposed on Russian President Vladimir Putin were “irrational”.

“After imposing sanctions on our president, it is already clear that they are capable of doing anything stupid,” he said.

Despite all this, he hoped that “sooner or later” Russia will establish a dialogue with the EU.

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