Kovit-19: Portuguese stay in Galicia for less than 24 hours without registration

The Galician Health Service of the Junta de Galicia clarified this Wednesday that Portuguese who have been in Galicia for less than 24 hours have “no obligation” to announce their arrival in that autonomous Spanish community.

The board points out in a written response to a request for clarification from Eixo Atlântico that “passenger registration is for those staying in Galicia for more than 24 hours” and that Lusa had access.

In the document, Alberto Fuentes Losada, Junta de Galicia’s Secretary General for Health, explains that “work, meetings, visits” do not include Portuguese people who wish to stay in Galicia for less than 24 hours. This action and “they have no obligation to register”.

To the Secretary-General of Eixo Atlântico do Noroeste Peninsular, an organization dedicated to supporting initiatives to promote cooperation between northern Portugal and Galicia, it is a “positive discrimination measure for the Portuguese”.

“Portugal cannot be considered a foreign country,” he said.

Portugal on the Galician list of notice of visit

Clarification comes a day later for the region Galicia has added Portugal to its list of countries where travelers must announce their arrival For Spanish autonomous communities, they belong to areas that are considered “high incidence” Covit-19 International Distribution.

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