Kiev says guerrilla attacks began in Russia in retaliation for the invasion

“In Zurich, the military base was burned, the compulsory offices were burned, the military universities were burned, and some warehouses and governors’ houses were burned,” Arrestovich said.

However, Zelensky’s adviser, in an interview quoted by the Ukrainian news agency Unian, insisted that Kiev “did not know what was going on in Russia.”

At least 17 people have been killed in a fire that broke out on April 21 at a Russian space force research institute in the city of Tver, 200 kilometers from Moscow.

A fire broke out Monday at a large fuel depot in the city of Bryansk, near the Ukrainian border, Russian officials said, without specifying the cause of the fire.

According to Russian news agencies quoted by the French Press, a fire broke out at the Transneft Bryansk-Druzhba gas depot in Bryansk, 150 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, which serves as a logistics base for a military attack on Moscow. In that country.

According to first information, none of the victims were registered.

Moscow has repeatedly accused Ukrainian forces of carrying out attacks on Russian soil in mid-April, including in a village in the Bryansk region.

In early April, the governor of the Belgorod region on the border said that Ukrainian helicopters had opened fire on the fuel depot.

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