Joseph Borrell guarantees delivery of F-16s to Ukraine

A The statement was released at the opening of the 39th meeting of the Economic Circle in Barcelona, ​​after questions were raised about sending the planes as the next step in helping Ukraine in response to the Russian Federation’s invasion of the country.

Borrell recalled the military assistance already provided, from personal equipment to anti-aircraft defense systems, going through Leopard tanks.

“Right now, it’s the F-16. We haven’t given it yet, but we’re going,” he assured.

Borrell recalled that the G7, at its recent summit, decided to “prepare the ground to supply Ukraine with the ‘fighters’ it needs” by green-lighting the training of Ukrainian pilots.

On the other hand, he declared that he was not optimistic about developments during the summer, citing the current concentration of forces and the Russian Federation’s “clear desire” to win the war instead of negotiating.

Borrell also argued that if the EU “wants to be a world power” it needs to increase its defense capacity and its coordination in this area, which includes increasing the military budget.

“I know the (election) campaigns didn’t win that way, but the world is the way it is, it’s not the way we want it to be. And it’s a dangerous world, countries that are close to us will cause us problems”, he said, with the Russian Federation, but also the Sahel and other parts of Africa. Example of parts.

In this sense, he pointed out the “exposed deficits and limitations” due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine last year, which he considered “must be brought to an end”.

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As for growing tensions with China and the United States, Borrell said “Europe is not interested in another Cold War,” while admitting that China has “surpassed” the Europeans as Latin America’s main trading partner.

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