Jon Mara says Bill Belichick had no way of knowing the Giants didn’t hire Brian Flores

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One of the main pieces of evidence in Brian Flores’ lawsuit against the NFL and his teams is a series of text messages he received from Bill Belichick, initially telling him he’d be getting the Giants’ head coaching job, then apologizing and telling him. In fact, it was Brian Dabol who got the job.

Daboll got the job, suggesting that Giants’ meeting with Flores was a ploy to stick to Rooney’s rule. But Giants owner John Mara insists Belichick has no basis for telling Flores that Daboll will get the job.

Mara said via the website New York Daily NewsTo my knowledge, No one in our organization has contacted him. “

However, the texts don’t lie: Belichick told Flores before the interview that Daboll was getting the job. How did Belichick know that?

“I have no idea,” said Mara.

Belichick did not explain, and Mara says he was not asked. So it remains a mystery as to where Belichick got the right impression that the Giants were going to hire Daboll.

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