War in the Middle East. The evolution of the conflict between Israel and Hamas up to the minute

“The Israel-Gaza war has seriously harmed journalists since Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on Israel on October 7 and Israel declared war on the Palestinian militant group, launching attacks in the Gaza Strip.” emphasizes Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

“The agency says it is investigating all cases of journalists and other media professionals killed, injured or missing in the war. It was the deadliest month for journalists since data collection began in 1992”.

As of Monday, November 20, CPJ preliminary investigations show that “at least 50 of the more than 14,000 people who have died since October 7, more than 12,000 Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, and 1,200 in Israel.”
Israel’s security forces told Reuters and the French press that it could not guarantee the safety of its journalists in the Gaza Strip.

“November 18 was the second deadliest day for journalists with five deaths; October 7, the first day of the war, was the deadliest day when six journalists were murdered”, says the group.

Of the 50 experts in the field killed in the war, 45 were Palestinian, four were Israeli and one was Lebanese. In addition to these fifty, 11 journalists have been injured, three are missing and 18 have been detained.

There are also reports of Attacks, threats, censorship and killings by family members From many journalists.

More than the entire year 2022

The group warns that journalists in Gaza face increased risks as they try to cover the Israeli incursion. “Devastating airstrikes, communications breakdowns, supply shortages and power outages”.

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“CPJ stresses that journalists and members of the public perform important work in times of crisis and cannot be targeted by any party,” the organization writes. “Journalists in the region are making enormous sacrifices to cover this devastating conflict.”

“In Gaza, in particular, they have suffered and continue to suffer an unprecedented number of deaths and face increasing threats. Many have lost co-workers, families and workplaces, fleeing for safety when there is no safe exit.”, laments the group to protect journalists.

Only fifty deaths reported in the conflict are disputed 42 journalists will die worldwide in 2022This includes 15 people killed during the war in Ukraine.

The number is higher than the number of journalists killed at the height of the civil war in Syria – 30 – in what is considered the most dangerous war situation for the profession in recent times.

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