Insider confirms that bears are exploring Justin Fields trade options

as much as Chicago Bears Fans may hate it, Justin Fields’ business talk just won’t go away. It likely won’t happen until the first round of the draft is over and the team hasn’t selected a quarterback. Until then, this is something people will have to get used to. What makes it precarious is how many people who have worked within the league think it is possible. Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp He even said he had heard the Bears consider trading the Fields and going with Alabama’s Bryce Young instead.

It’s too early to believe that GM Ryan Bowles has come to such a conclusion. He hasn’t even met any of the best quarterbacks in this draft class yet. The combination of Senior Ball and Scouts is still ahead. There is a lot of work to be done before making a decision. However, the commotion of the fields is still going on. Senior business insider Benjamin Albright was the latest to join the action. He’s one of the most well-communicated people out there, so it was interesting to see his answer when asked if the smoke around the fields was legitimate.

The Poles weren’t lying about Justin Fields.

He said the current plan is for the 24-year-old to be a starter next season. He’s done enough to earn that right. However, his job as general manager is always to keep his options open. He will evaluate this draft class, including the quarterbacks. If someone blows him up, that might change his mind. Don’t forget, he didn’t make the Fields draft, and the young player showed a lot of lingering flaws. Yes, he was an electric runner, but his passing prowess was below average, and he fumbled 16 times. These things can’t be ignored just because he has some great highlights.

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The hope is that the Bears will bolster their offensive roster with better players in the off-season. Then Justin Fields will get a fair shake, similar to what happened with Jalen Hurts in Philadelphia. If he falters again in 2023, the Bears could consider changing quarterbacks in 2024. Of course, the counterargument is that the team won’t have a first pick next year. Hence this decision by the Poles is a big one. He must be absolutely certain that none of these upcoming brokers will end up with fields larger than his own. Otherwise, revisionist historians will criticize him for not making the change.

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