“If they continue to cause problems, food prices will rise” – Observer

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The Russian president met with his government via video conference this Thursday, but the news left at the meeting, Broadcast on Russian televisionIt also seemed to target audiences across the border.

Vladimir Putin began by acknowledging Western sanctions, which he considers “Irregular”,”Created some problems and difficultiesHe assured Russia that these were “problems to be solved” and that in the long run, the country, which is today the world’s largest sanctions target, would succeed.Greater sovereignty and freedom”.

The Russian leader acknowledged that there was a high demand for certain products in the country, but said it was difficult to find, but he was confident that “people will understand that there is nothing we can solve.” As a means of responding to the sanctions, the Ministry of Finance announced that it has taken steps to control the outflow of capital and is working with the Central Bank of Russia to ensure the stability of the financial system.

Pointing the finger at the West, Putin criticized international leaders for “tightening their belts and asking their citizens to wear warm clothes,” accusing Russia of keeping its energy obligations and imposing sanctions on rising fuel prices as it continues to export petroleum.

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He left a warning: As economic pressures continue, food prices around the world will rise, as fertilizer markets “get worse”. Putin stressed that the situation could worsen after Industry Minister Denis Mandurov announced the suspension of fertilizer exports.

“Russia and Belarus are one of the largest suppliers of mineral fertilizers. If they are constantly harassed Finance and logistics in delivering our products, Prices will increase and this will affect the final product, food itemsThe Russian president said.

These are the negative consequences that Moscow claims will be felt only outside Russia. During the meeting with Putin, Agriculture Minister Dmitry Badrushev said that the country’s food security was guaranteed.

The possibility of suspending fertilizer exports advanced last week, when Putin assured Russia that it has “agreements” in the region, but with allies.

On the retaliatory list against Western sanctions, Vladimir Putin also said his government The assets of foreign companies leaving the country can be confiscated. According to the BBC, Putin explained that Russia could “introduce external management” on these businesses, close their manufacturing facilities, and then “hand over these companies to those willing to work.” The head of state did not explain how this would be done, but dropped the guarantee: “Let’s find a better way to do this.”.

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