“I will moderate my position on NATO. I felt it was not ready to accept Ukraine.

In a televised interview on Monday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said that Ukraine was not going to insist on joining NATO, which was one of the issues that officially prompted the Russian invasion.

In an interview with the American television channel ABC, Zhelensky said in an interview with the ABC that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin was ready to “compromise” on the status of separatist territories in eastern Ukraine. Unilaterally, shortly before the start of the military offensive.

“As for NATO, when I realized that NATO was not ready to accept Ukraine, I relaxed my position on this issue some time ago,” the Ukrainian leader said in an interview aired Monday night.

“The coalition is afraid of anything confrontational and controversial with Russia,” Zhelensky explained, adding that he did not want to be president of a “kneeling country” for a NATO member.

Putin has repeatedly said that Ukraine’s involvement in NATO is a threat to Moscow’s interests, and that the West should not expand its military sphere of influence along its borders.

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