“I was a pervert 15 years ago”: revelations of Daniel Sanzo – Mundo’s close friend

A close friend of Daniel Sancho has revealed that the actor’s son Rodolfo Sancho turned into a rebellious and conflicted youth a few years ago. “I was a pervert 15 years ago,” he tells the magazine. Lectures.

The witness knew the cook from their childhood. The young man says he often loses his temper and often gets into trouble. He talks about the provocative Daniel, who is always “rescued” by his father.

According to the friend, the attitude of the young man over the years has caused many resentments to the actor. Rodolfo Sancho always ended up protecting his son.

Daniel’s rebellion was demonstrated when his parents separated. He is about 10 years old. The young man who moved to live with his father, who was already a part of the world of cinema and television, makes progress Lectures.

The friend’s claims contradict those of family spokeswoman Carmen Balfagan, who defended Daniel as “a good boy and a lovely person”. “I emphasize that we do not know how this happened,” the lawyer added.

According to the mother of another schoolmate of Daniel Sancho, the youngster was “very conflicted”. “He always got into trouble at school, actually, he got kicked out, but ever since [refere-se ao homicídio] There is a world,” the woman added.

Recall that Daniel Sancho, son of Spanish actor Rodolfo Sancho, was accused of murder and mutilation. Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta on the island of Koh Phangan, Thailand. It was the 29-year-old chef who raised the alarm about his friend’s disappearance. Arrieta’s remains were found a day after his disappearance in a junkyard on the island known to tourists for its full moon parties, the island’s beaches filled with revelers dancing until dawn. Daniel and Edwin had arranged to meet to witness the festivities.

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Daniel Sancho is the eldest son of the famous Spanish actor Rodolfo Sancho, who is known in Portugal for his participation in the RTP1 series ‘Crimes Submarzos’ and former actress Silvia Broncholo. The young man is a chef at La Boheme and Boogie Burgers in Madrid.

The victim, Edwin Arrieta, 44, was a surgeon from the Colombian city of Lorica in the north of the country and owned a clinic in the city of Monteria.

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