Hostages, pandemic risk, Afghanistan and the post-invasion experience. Four US doubts about attack on Gaza – Observer

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As of Friday night, everything points to the Joe Biden administration backing away from its unconditional and unreserved support for Israel. Facing a major ground offensive in the Gaza Strip, where thousands of civilian casualties are expected to continue, the situation will never be the same again – quoted White House officials The Washington Post And closer to negotiations on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the US is calling for a review of Israeli strategy. In favor of surgical strikes Disadvantages of continuous indiscriminate attacks against territory.

Neither the US president nor another member of the administration has confirmed or commented on the intense airstrikes in Gaza that marked the third week of Hamas’s surprise attack on Israel. White House spokesman John F. Kirby was clear in his refusal to answer about what was happening in the Middle East, “Difficult questions“It highlights the pressure from the US for the Israeli military, instead, to stop its campaign against Hamas and allow the flow of humanitarian aid, mainly fuel, which is becoming increasingly scarce in the Palestinian territories by the day.

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