Horta Osorio took refuge in the floodgates

After knocking on the door of the second largest Swiss bank, Antonio Horda Osorio took refuge in Comforda with his wife’s company. The Portuguese banker resigned as chairman of Credit Suisse nine months after taking over the helm of the bank, following an internal investigation by the bank to determine whether he was violating existing rules to deal with the crisis. For what Sunrise Considered to be the best in the banking world, it is not yet clear what his future will be. However, after leaving Credit Suisse, he explained his reasons: “I regret that many of my personal actions have caused difficulties for the bank and compromised my ability to represent both domestically and abroad.” These words were published in a statement in which he added: “Thus, I believe that my resignation takes into account the interests of the Company and its shareholders at this crucial time”.

Earlier that month, the head of the financial institution announced that the head of the financial institution would be formally reprimanded by the board of directors of the Portuguese bank, after an internal investigation confirmed that Horta Osorio had violated the internal rules of Covit-19 for the second time. . In late November, his entry into Switzerland in violation of isolated rules was problematic. He confirmed the situation, saying it was not intentional and that the trip had been reported to Swiss health officials and the financial regulator. But this is not an unprecedented case. Already in July, at a tennis tournament at Wimbledon, the same thing happened when he attended, when he had to be alone, contrary to the rules of the country. For what Sunrise The banker does not know he is breaking the rules.

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This Friday, it was revealed that Horta Osorio had violated epidemic controls to attend the Euro 2020 final at Wembley Stadium in the United Kingdom. According to the Financial Times, the game took place on July 11 last year, the same day that the isolated rules for participating in the men’s finals of the Wimbledon tennis tournament were violated.

It is recalled that the Portuguese banker Credit Suisse was called upon to manage the crisis created by the scandals of Greece Capital and Archigos Capital Management, which represented the company’s more than five billion dollars (over 4.3 billion euros). ) In fact, the fall of Greensil was the first of two major problems to be faced in 2021, followed by the collapse of the Swiss bank with billions of euros in funding.

Credit Suisse has been battling one of the worst crises since 2008 – when Horta Osorio was called in to implement controversial domestic reforms.
Shares of the financial institution fell 2.26% to 9.33 Swiss francs (8.94 euros) on the day he announced his exit.

According to the Financial Times, the banker had earned 3. 3.66 million during the nine-month period, of which 0 1.06 million was paid in premiums and cash.

The 10-year leadership of Lodis, considered one of the largest British retail banks, has lagged behind.

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