Hire a helicopter to arrive on time for the flight

KAnyone who hasn’t woken up late or missed a flight knows how scary it can be to not know if you made it in time to catch the flight to the destination you paid for. But there are people who come up with (and can come up with) very creative solutions.

This is the case of American TikToker Kevin Troniak who misread the time of a trip he bought to London in England. John F. from his apartment in Manhattan. Kennedy had less than an hour to get to the airport and panicked about being too late, but it was impossible – the New Yorker soon found a helicopter as an alternative to the car.

In a video shared on Tik Tok, Kevin admits that the idea may sound outlandish, but guarantees that it’s cheaper than buying a new plane ticket.

Despite his fear, the American arrived just in time to catch the flight. The video immediately went viral on the social network, accumulating more than 11,000 views, 1.2 million likes and thousands of comments.

An unusual and useful solution, but certainly not accessible to everyone.

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