He sent french fries in his son’s lunch box, and the teacher left a note

KWhen a mother sends her three-year-old son’s lunch to school in a lunchbox, she feels relieved that her son will eat what she has prepared for him. However, one mother was surprised when she received a note from her son’s daycare, an empty Pringles crisp box, asking him to make healthier choices.

Megan Peavy, from New England in the US, shared the episode with TikTok users and pointed out that instead of writing a note to her son, she wanted the school to contact her directly.

In the message, the teacher labeled the mom “passive-aggressive” for repeatedly sending “unhealthy food” into her son’s lunch.

In the post, the mother admitted that she deleted the original video detailing the situation because she didn’t want her son to be “negatively affected at school,” but said she regretted the deletion and explained why.

In the original video, the mother said her three-year-old son was “embarrassed” and that she was angry as a result.

In the new video, Megan explains that she told the teacher she was “disappointed” in the way she handled the situation, leaving her son at home, and explained that they wanted to “communicate directly.” news. The message on the Pringles chips packet.

In addition, Megan explained that she does not consider Pringles to be harmful to her son’s health. The mother further explained that she did not apologize and that the daycare center was not responsible.

At the end of the conversation, the teacher told the mother that her son had “no more vacancies” and that he had to stop going to the day care center.

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