HBO returns to DC for Andrew Callahan doc on January 6

All gas no breaks

All gas no breaks
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There are few 25-year-old Gonzo journalists better than Andrew Callahan from Channel 5. After building a steady following over the past few years, first with All gas no breaks The series that exposed the unconcern of America’s purest whims of the pandemic, then on his YouTube news channel 5. Over time, Callaghan’s talent to embed himself in hostile situations without comment, criticism, or mental closure helped elevate the series, as the show battled in more dangerous situations, such as the George Floyd protests, The war in UkraineFlat Earth Conference.

Last year, Callahan left all gas About contract disputes with do things media, who were trying to franchise the show. Callaghan has done well ever since, remaining a fiercely independent historian of the world’s various subcultures and the ugliness and beauty within. As he continued to improve his program, interview style, and choice of topics, he became more specific, more entertaining, and more willing to put himself to the test. Now, he has a chance to reach another level, thanks to HBO.

Minneapolis protest

HBO has acquired Callaghan’s upcoming documentary on January 6, which will chronicle Callaghan’s road trip across America in the months leading up to January 6 Capitol Riot. Since the footage will be filmed in 2020, some footage from his “wild RV trip” has been documented at All gas no breaks. Produced by who’s also A24 and its longtime supporters Tim Heidecker and Eric Werheim, the film wouldn’t be the first time Callahan had dealt with the rebellious crowd. In the past, he interviewed “QAnon Shamen” Jake Angeli from prison QAnon Patriot Report, NRA . Conferencethe caravan of the people, and Artist bootcamp.

Callaghan will not be HBO’s first January 6 documentary. Last year, they released the six Q: In the storm The documentary, which laid out the emergence of 8chan, online conspiracy theories, and its role in the rebellion.

No word yet on a release date, but we’re looking forward to calling the January 6th Callaghan commission for an early look at this thing.

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