Guterres announced a peace tour – but not everyone was happy with the dates

This Friday, Russia confirmed that it had accepted the UN request, adding to its list of efforts to end the conflict. General Secretary visits MoscowAnd the initiative for the meeting came from Antonio Guterres.

In principle, this is an important step in resolving the war – Guterres, because of his position, is not only the most important ambassador in the world, but this visit will help dissolve his relationship with Vladimir Putin. Not spoken of since the invasion began, As condemned the Kremlin.

The trip is scheduled for next Tuesday, April 26, with a planned meeting and lunch with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Putin’s reception.

However, according to the United Nations’ own position – arranging a trip to visit the invader, the invader will not always go wrong. As a result, two months before the start of the war in Ukraine – provoked by the Russian invasion – A spokesman for Guterres said that the UN Secretary General was also going to Kiev.

“The Secretary-General will travel to Ukraine next week.

However, although the two visits were already on the agenda, the order in which they were carried out was not consensual. Deserves Zhelensky’s displeasure.

“It is wrong to go to Russia first and then to Ukraine,” he said. There is no justice or logic in that order, ā€¯Zhelensky told a news conference this afternoon at a metro station in central Kiev. “The war is in Ukraine, there are no bodies on the streets of Moscow. It would be logical to go to Ukraine first and see the people, to see the consequences of the occupation,” he defended the Ukrainian leader before leaving for Russia.

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Thus, a tense situation awaits Guterres on both sides, as the UN Secretary-General has been sharply criticized for being inactive in taking decisive action to end the war in Ukraine – as of this week, more than 200 former United Nations leaders have sent him letters calling for the initiative.

The signatories warned that if Guterres did not personally step forward in trying to bring peace to Ukraine, the United Nations would not only be irrelevant, but its very existence would be in jeopardy. Many former UN Former officials, including the deputy secretaries, urged the current secretary general to be prepared to take personal risks to ensure peace. The United Nations faces an existential threat due to the invasion of Ukraine, one of the five members. Security Council.

The problem was particularly acute due to Guterres’ continued inability to end the war. For example, last Tuesday, during the Orthodox Easter festival, which aims to open humanitarian corridors in the territory of Ukraine, called for a four-day humanitarian break in the war in Ukraine.

However, Conflicts did not stop, but they got worse, And the racers failed again. In addition, the Russian military announced this morning that it had carried out 1,908 artillery and missile strikes. One One of them attacked a residential block in Odessa – Russia’s next goal is to maintain its dominance in coastal Ukraine – causing eight deaths.

In Mariupol, despite repeated calls to Russia to allow the besieged civilians to evacuate the Azovstale factory and other parts of the city, The Russians again launched airstrikes on the steel plant. Second, the mayor’s adviser, Petro Andryushchenko, said the invaders were “cleaning up” the ruins of the city’s theater, which had been bombed by Russian troops and the bodies removed. The bodies will be wrapped in plastic bags, transported to the industrial area in lorries and tractors and from there dumped in a 300-meter ditch in Mangush, the official said in a message posted on the social networking site Telegram. , Quoted by the Union News Agency.

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On top of all this, fighting is fierce in Kharkiv, Lysyansk and Solot, maintaining Russian pressure on the Donbass.

With the deaths and shootings, the most obvious conclusion is that Guterres’ appeal fell on deaf ears once again. So we are skeptical that visits to Moscow and Kiev will help change the situation.

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