Govit-19: New variant BA.2 “as contagious as Omigran, but not dangerous”

The Covit-19 variant “BA.2”, found in Denmark, was “as contagious as Omigran, but not as dangerous,” French Health Minister Olivier Véran said on Tuesday.

When France tackles the tide caused by delta variation, it is very dangerous Govit-19, Cases of “BA.2” have already been detected, A lineage that scientists say is very similar to Omigron.

According to the French Ministry of Health, about 60 cases of the “BA.2” variant have already been reported in the country, and according to the data collected, “BA.2” also affects people who are already infected. Omigron variant. .

“It’s contagious like Omigran, but not dangerous.”, Quoted by the French Minister of Health The world.

According to the Scientific Committee, which advises the French government on Covit-19 matters, It looks like this new variant is already adding micron to each other, Which had less serious effects than Delta.

With regard to the possible relaxation of control measures, the French health authorities at this time, consider this The number of hospital admissions is higher than the number of victims, Which is 400,000 new daily cases in France in recent weeks.

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