Giant hole expands in Chile: Now wide enough to “swallow” Arc de Triomphe | Photo gallery

These holes, called sinkholes, can appear in any environment and according to results National Geographic, “Water Erosion on a Rock Surface”, Subsurface. This sunk, emerged July 30, now 50 meters wide and 200 meters deep. By comparison, inside it are six statues of Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer, stacked face to face.

Initially, the hole near the town of Terra Amarilla was about 25 meters wide and had water at the bottom. Local officials have expressed concern that the Alcabarosa mine may have flooded underground and disturbed the surrounding land. It will be something completely unusual, said Cristobal Zuniga, the mayor of Terra Amarilla.

Considering the widening of this crater, the managers of the copper mine decided to stop the work. Lundin Mining, the Canadian company that operates the mine, said last week that the hole did not affect workers or community members and that it was working to determine the cause. They have yet to make a statement this week.

In Portugal, in 2003, there is a record of one incident ComboliteOne of the buses was “swallowed” by sinking ten meters deep.

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