Georgia Meloney’s partner’s advice to prevent violations sparks controversy

Both men condemned the rapists, describing them as “wolves”, but the comments sparked outrage on social media, where users blamed Giambruno’s victims.

“They can’t help but blame women. Don’t go out alone, don’t go to dark places, don’t dress provocatively. All this is no longer acceptable,” said Cecilia D’Elia, a senator from the center-left opposition Democratic Party (PD) and vice-president of the Commission of Inquiry into Feminism. “If a woman drinks too much, she can. Expect a headache, not a violation,” he added, asking Meloni to stay away from his partner’s comments.

The opposition Five Star Movement (M5S) party said in a statement that Giambruno’s “words were unacceptable and shameful” and “reflected a reactionary, male-dominated culture”.

For his part, Giambruno replied: “I would have apologized if I had said something wrong, but that’s not the case, there will never be a day when a politician tells me what to say”. “I said that rape is an abomination. I took the liberty of telling young people not to deliberately drink and use drugs. I advised them to be careful because unfortunately bad people always come around. I never said that men have the right to rape women who are drunk”, he concluded.

This isn’t the first time Giambruno’s comment has generated controversy. In July, he told German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach to “stay home, stay in the Black Forest” after Lauterbach questioned the viability of tourism in southern Europe due to extreme heat waves.

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