From the winner of the European elections in France to the future prime minister. Who is Jordan Bartella?

The successor to the Front National founded by Jean-Marie Le Pen in 1972 – the young leader of the Rallye Nationale – will become the party’s first leader in 2022 without the name of the founding family. Jordan Bartella, the son of an Italian immigrant, received a testimonial from Marine Le Pen in November 2022, handing him the leadership of the anti-immigration party after eleven years in government. In internal elections to choose Le Pen’s successor, Bartella received 84.4 percent of the vote.

Within two years, Jordan Bartella achieved a historic result as the RN’s candidate in the European elections, winning 31 percent of the French electorate against Marine Le Pen’s far-right.After running a controversial campaign against the free movement of migrants in the EU and in favor of restrictions on national borders.

It doubled the votes of French President Emmanuel Macron’s Renaissance Alliance (RE), which won 14 percent of the vote with candidate Valéry Heyer. The RN also overcame Bardella’s good result in the 2019 European elections with 23 percent of the vote.

“Our guys showed a willingness to change,” Jordan Bartella said Sunday night. “The wind of hope in France has just begun,” he added.

In his speech on Sunday night, he called on the French president to listen to the voice of more than a third of the French people, who sent a clear signal for change, and to hold early legislative elections. “This unprecedented failure of the current government marks the end of a cycle and the first day of the post-Macron era”Said the RN leader, who appealed to the French vote “They want to rebuild the country and allow France to regain confidence”.

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Facing historic results from the far-right and an appeal by Jordan Bardella, the French president announced the dissolution of the French legislature on election night and called for early legislative elections on June 30, the first round, and July 7. , second round. “France needs a clear majority to act peacefully and harmoniously”Macron argued.

Both leaders National Federation, Bartella and Le Pen have pledged that the party is ready to govern the country if it is the French’s choice in the next election. “We are ready to create a new majority for France”Bartella wrote on social network X on Sunday night. “We are ready to exercise power if the French people put their trust in us in future legislative elections.”Marine Le Pen announced in her speech on election night.

After Bartella’s historic decision for Le Pen, The National Federation He decided to put forward his name as the prime ministerial candidate in the next election. “Jordan Bartella has been elected European Vice-President, so he already has popular anointing” Sebastien Senou, vice-president of the RN, said in an interview with French radio RTL this Monday. “He is our candidate to go to Matignon.” Sébastien Senou announced, referring to the Prime Minister’s official residence in France.

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But who is Marine Le Pen’s bet?

He was born in 1995 in Seine-Saint-Denis, a French commune in the Paris metropolitan region, where he attended French public and private schools, graduating from the Sorbonne University in Paris with a degree in geography. Incomplete to dedicate a full-time political career.

Despite being a member of the anti-immigrant party, Jordan Bartella never hid his origins. This is how he likes to describe himself, the son of an Italian immigrant who traveled to France from the suburbs of Turin in the 60s and a father of Italian descent. “Child of immigration, a Frenchman, mixed blood, 75% Italian”According to a profile drawn by a French newspaper Le Monde.

The 28-year-old young politician has been a member of the RN since 2012, where he held various roles until becoming party leader in 2022. He started as a regional councilor for the Ile-de-France region in 2015, was the party’s spokesperson between 2017 and 2019 and in 2018 became the national director of the party’s youth wing, Generation Nation (GN).

During Marine Le Pen’s presidential campaign in 2021, he was interim leader and second vice-president two years later. When he was elected MEP for the RN in the 2019 European elections, Bartella already had four years of experience as a parliamentary assistant in the European Parliament.

In past years, Jordan Bartella has become the new face of the far right in France and is very popular among young people. Mainly through social media, it uses it to win over younger voters and convey populist messages. National Federation. Bardella has 1.5 million followers on TikTok and is often inundated with selfie requests from fans.

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@jordanbartella Dimanche, if the people vote the people will vote! 🇫🇷 #DimancheJeVoteBardella ♬ Original Son – Jordan Bartella

A third of 18- to 24-year-olds (32 percent) wanted to vote for Jordan Bartella. According to a survey conducted by Ipsos between April 19 and 24 Le Monde.

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