Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 update is now available with new cars, exciting PR stunts, events and bug fixes

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Forza Horizon 5 refuses to sit still, with a steady stream of updates arriving to add new features and content, fix existing bugs, and improve the experience for players everywhere. As Series 4 and the Horizon World Cup begin to come to an end, Playground Games has hosted a broadcast detailing everything to come with the upcoming Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 update.

The Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Constantly evolving over time with new challenges, events, and rewards, the next chapter is Series 5: Horizon Rush Takeover. The new festival playlist will focus almost entirely on exciting PR games, and will include a large variety of content for players to explore, as well as rewards to collect. Also available here is the much needed 2020 Nissan GT-R NISMO (R35), complete with a body kit and other body modification options.

Some of the notable features of the Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 update include:

  • world developments. The Horizon Rush Festival site has been reimagined to celebrate all things PR Stunt, and it’s more vibrant and lively than ever. These decorations also extend to every PR Stunt on the Forza Horizon 5 map. The world is changing in many ways, including:
    • A huge theme park installed in El Estadio, or the huge Forza Horizon 5 stadium
    • 16 all-new PR Stunts, with four Trailblazers, Danger Signs, Speed ​​Traps and Speed ​​Zones being added to the map
    • Some of these PR stunts are temporary for Series 5, but others are permanent additions to the map
    • Unique prizes and challenges related to exciting world and garden changes
  • Festival Playlist Additions. The festival playlist is getting a new series of challenges and events, most of which focus on PR stunts. Players will be able to take part in new EventLab highlights, PR Stunt Challenges, Treasure Hunts, Smashable Challenges, The Trials, and even a new seasonal special event that lets players race in the hilarious show that floats across the map.
  • New cosmetics and rewards. The festival playlist also features many new rewards for players, such as Vanity Items representing various exciting PRs, exclusive Piñata costumes, car horns, and more.
  • EventLab Add-ons. EventLab continues to improve, with Playground Games adding a slew of new props and items. From now on, any time Playground Games adds new props to the Festival playlist, they will be immediately available within EventLab.
  • Festival playlist cars. Playground Games is adding five new cars to Forza Horizon 5 that can be earned exclusively through the Festival playlist, including an all-new Forza Edition car. cars include:
    • 1965 Mini Cooper S Forza Edition
    • 2018 KTM X-Bow GTR
    • 2019 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro
    • 2010 Nobel M600
    • 2020 Nissan GT-R Nismo (R35)
  • Car lane cars. Playground Games also revealed the next series of cars coming via Forza Horizon 5 Car Pass DLC PackIncluding:
    • 1986 Ford Mustang SVO
    • 2020 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro
    • 2004 Nobel M400
    • 2017 Ferrari 488 Challenge #25 Corse Cliente
  • Accessibility Features. The Series 5 update brings accessibility improvements, including ASL and BSL support in Forza Horizon 5.
  • Bug fixes. Playground Games is fixing a lot of new bugs, including issues affecting Photo Mode, Horizon Open, festival playlist challenges, Livery editor and more
    • Previous bugged festival playlist challenges will be completed retroactively for players
    • Players will also get all points and rewards for bugged festival playlist challenges
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It’s hard to argue with that Forza Horizon 5 not one of The best Xbox racing games You can play now, especially as Playground Games continues to add a seemingly endless stream of new content through these updates. Playground Games also teased what might come after Series 5 with the Series 6 Customs Update.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 update arrives for all players via Xbox Xbox XAnd the Xbox SAnd the PCAnd the Xbox Game PassAnd the Xbox Cloud Games On Tuesday, March 1, 2022. Players will be able to jump into Series 5 and the first wave of events and challenges starting on Thursday, March 3.

complete change of Forza Horizon 5 March 1, 2022 Content Update Includes:

Features and bug fixes


  • Added the ability to display followed players when in the Creative Hub tab in the pause menu via the button bar
  • Updated PR Seasonal Map Stunt UI to be more clear
  • Improved car skin editor UI when using layers to not hide layer contents
  • Fixed Manufacturer Rewards for New Tier 4 Manufacturers
  • Fix Street Racing feature that only works on road racing
  • Improved car group navigation
  • Fixed issue where HUD sometimes does not appear in Freeroam
  • Fixed an issue where the player was unable to change their radio station
  • Updated logo on Horizon Race Suit to use FH5 instead of FH4
  • Fixed an issue where the effect of water droplets on the screen could persist after the rain stopped
  • Auto-completion of Breaking Festival Playlist Challenges from Series 1 and 2:
    • Daily Series 1: Crowd-Pleaser, Wash for 20 seconds, Explorer, Install, Zoomies, Triple Drop, Go Wild
    • Series 1 Weekly: A True Super GT, I want to be a rock star
    • Series 1 Rare: Gotta Smash ‘Em All
    • Treasure Hunt Series 2 (Season 1)
  • Players will now see a message about the next season change in Horizon Life
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the sky to not refresh after a street race, leaving future races at night (but without headlights)
  • Fixed the incorrect sound of the player name in Spanish
  • Final Checkpoint flares now appear in Street Race Rival events
  • Time of Day is now paused in Picture Mode
  • Fixed an issue where some players might lose credits after receiving an Auction House Failed Bid error message
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  • Added ASL and BSL option for cinemas
  • New difficulty preset “All Help” added
  • Tritanopia setting on upgrade screens is fixed
  • Colorblind options now change the color of the minimap path
  • Various improvements to On-Screen Narration via title


  • Fixed an issue while joining events when already in a convoy
  • Fixed secondary notification not always showing the correct vehicle restrictions in Horizon Tour
  • Fixed an issue where the Horizon Tour would appear as already completed in a series, causing players to lose their Tour Points in the historical series
  • Fixed an issue where expired Horizon Arcade events do not appear on the map
  • Fixed an issue where the Horizon Arcade HUD could display an incorrect time in Mini Missions
  • Fixed not refreshing the scoreboard in Team King when in a state of collapse
  • Fixed some bad car fall locations in Eliminator
  • Added more responses to LINK Phrases
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the “Session Found” message to remain on the screen
  • Fixed an issue that could result in an unmanned convoy
  • Civilian traffic synchronization improvements
  • Fixed an issue that could cause civilian traffic to not appear after an online event
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent civilian traffic cars from appearing in street races
  • Fixed connection issues that might occur after resuming from a suspended state
  • Players are now offered the choice to remain in a convoy created by Link after the event is completed

EventLab & Super7

  • When editing tracks, the ability to start editing from the start line has been added instead of the first checkpoint
  • Added ability to view Creator Hub from Challenge Browser in Super7
  • Fix No Music Not Working Correctly in Super7
  • The Jump Pad has been updated for more predictable behavior. Previously this used the direction of the car, which may vary a lot but will now use the direction of the jump board
  • Fixed an issue where EventLab Creations in a PG game location (eg Arena) would ignore collision settings
  • Added icon to show EventLab posts to indicate if they contain props
  • Fixed an issue where some events were not displaying specific vehicle restrictions on the flyer
  • Fixed an issue where the vehicle theme is updated to the player’s current vehicle, when editing an existing scheme
  • Fixed an issue where the vehicle would continue to drive while adjusting checkpoints under certain conditions
  • Fixed an issue that caused EventLab titles to be invalid after the Festival Playlist feature was active


  • The “most famous trio” has been fixed
  • The El Camino Accolade Prize “The Statues Under the Blue Water” has been fixed
  • Fixed typo in Accolade “Cover Cars”
  • Fixed an issue where Vocho was missing associated trophies in map details
  • Improved Accolade’s associated logic when entering the screen from the map
  • Fixed a bug tracking reward board rewards
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  • The problem of seeing the parts of the Nissan Dakar car has been fixed
  • BMW 1 Series Gauge Lighting Error Repair
  • Fixed GMC Jimmy not displaying the Rollcage Upgrade visual part
  • Car name corrected from Zenvo TS1 to ST1
  • Fixed an issue affecting bumpstop physics when the vehicle runs an extremely short suspension travel
  • Fixed an issue where the Ferrari 575 and 599 GTO looked the wrong way

Update, March 1, 2022, 12:30 pm Cairo time – Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 update is now available

Players can now install the Forza Horizon 5 Series 5 update, which includes all the new features and bug fixes mentioned above. Fixes and Quality of Life improvements are available immediately after installing the update, while Festival Run Series additions and World Changes will be enabled on Thursday, March 3, 2022. The update is available everywhere Forza Horizon 5 is available, including Xbox, Microsoft Store and Steam. On Xbox Series X | S, the update size is about 11.89 GB.

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Playground Games has introduced its latest masterpiece with Forza Horizon 5, which includes the most diverse map in the series and the largest car roster to date. Forza Horizon 5 somehow lives up to its ambitious promise to be the best open-world racer right now, and one of the best racing games overall.

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