Former Wagner mercenary who refused to fight in Ukraine

A former militant from the Wagner group, a paramilitary organization affiliated with the Putin regime, was interviewed. He explains that he was invited to fight in Ukraine and why he did not accept.

Marat Gabidullin, 55, was part of the Wagner Group, a private military organization consisting of members of elite intelligence forces or former military veterans allegedly affiliated with the Kremlin.

It was created in 2007 by a former Russian military officer. A kind of private fightersIt operates in parallel with the Moscow army.

Marat Kapidul was part of this groupHe was on several missions and fought in SyriaHe was seriously injured in a grenade blast in 2016.

In 2019, he left the organization, but months before the invasion of Ukraine, The mercenary was challenged to fight and refused.

“I go without. Ukraine is part of my roots. They are a sovereign state and have the right to be free and to be respected, ”he said.

He also says he felt it from the beginning. That Russia will fail.

“They were completely surprised by the opposition of the Ukrainian military,” he said.

About Russian soldiers, Mainly identifies product scarcity.

Now in France, Marat Wagner has published a book describing the group’s mercenary experiences.

The Russia has not officially recognized the existence of this organization. Human rights groups and the Ukrainian government have blamed the militants for war crimes in Syria and Ukraine in 2014, and now have hundreds of Wagner group mercenaries plotting to assassinate Volodymyr Zhelensky.

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