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Russia has been named the world's cybercrime hotspot in a new study ranking the most important sources of cybercrime threats – the World Cybercrime Index has been published following three years of research by academics from the University of Oxford and the University of New South Wales. of Wales (UNSW) in Canberra, Australia.

Russia tops the list as the place with the biggest cybercrime threat, according to an index published in the journal. 'Blows One'. Ukraine, China, USA and Nigeria follow. The United Kingdom is eighth on the list – just one place behind North Korea.

The classifications were defined based on data collected by researchers who conducted interviews with nearly 100 cybercrime experts from around the world – who were asked to identify the five most important sources of cybercrime, classifying countries based on impact, professionalism and technology. The capacity of its perpetrators.

Miranda Bruce, the author of the study, highlighted that the research will allow cyber security agencies to focus on the main centers of cybercrime and to more effectively target and focus funds. “We believe that code-based research will help remove the veil of anonymity surrounding cybercriminals and help in the fight against the growing threat of unprofitable cybercrime,” he said.

“We now have a deeper understanding of the geography of cybercrime and how different countries specialize in different types of cybercrime. By regularly collecting this data, we can monitor the emergence of any new hotspots and make early interventions in countries at risk before a serious cybercrime problem develops.” ,” said.

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Jonathan Lustas, co-author of the study, highlighted that the index can help clarify what is often difficult to track. “Due to the illegal and anonymous nature of their activities, cybercriminals cannot be easily tracked down or reliably researched. They are actively in hiding,” he explained. .

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