Elizabeth II’s health ended with 59 years of ritual

Queen Elizabeth II missed the official opening of the British Parliament this morning. This is the first time in 59 years. The Royal House had already announced that the Queen would not be attending the Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in the coming days. The reasons were related to the health of Isabel II, which was increasingly weak. But, after all, what happens to the king?

In recent years, Queen Elizabeth II, 96, now the world’s third longest reigning monarch, has lowered the public agenda and her absence has already been announced at various events.

As early as 2016, the king’s health issues raised questions, and instead of climbing the 26 steps of the royal entrance, Elizabeth II chose to use the elevator to get to Parliament.

In 2019, it abandoned the traditional horse-drawn carriage and moved to Westminster in a limousine because it was so convenient.

Two years later, the king stopped wearing the Imperial crown and ceremonial attire. According to official sources, the queen abandoned the tradition due to new guidelines against Govt-19. But going even further, there are those who say that by the age of Isabel II they were heavy and uncomfortable objects and related.

In October 2021, the Queen used a cane for the second time in public. The first was in 2003 due to knee surgery.

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In the same month, the king spent a night in the hospital. The reason for her admission to the hospital was not disclosed, but it was reported that Queen Elizabeth II had been advised by doctors to rest for at least two weeks.

Also in October, it was reported that the king had not been riding his chariots since the beginning of September due to discomfort. At the same time, it turned out that the queen was advised to drop her night drink, which is usually martini.

The following month, Elizabeth II decided not to attend a ceremony due to back pain.

This year, Isabel II’s health problems continued. In February, the King met with Admiral James McLeod, Secretary of Defense Services, and Maj. Gen. Elton Miller, and asked Elizabeth II how he was. “Well, you see, I can not move,” replied the Queen, holding a cane.

Her health deteriorated when she tested positive for Queen Govt-19 in February. Prince Charles and Camila were diagnosed with the disease shortly after.

In March, he missed the annual Commonwealth Memorial in London, which he rarely misses.

For the first time in 59 years the British Parliament is not officially open today. The decision was made on medical advice due to “episodic mobility issues”, so the 96-year-old king decided not to attend.

The Royal House has also announced that the Queen will not be attending traditional garden banquets invited by ordinary citizens at Buckingham Palace. The appearance of Elizabeth II at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June is also not guaranteed.

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