Driver says Tesla stuck at 83mph on California Highway

a California The driver says his Tesla started to fail while driving on the highway, forcing him to go 83 mph on the highway with no way to control the accelerator.

Javier Rodriguez, an Irvine resident, KABC said in Los Angeles His Tesla Model 3 computer froze while driving on Interstate 10—making Tesla’s central touchscreen useless, but also causing malfunctions with turn signals, hazard lights, and other standard car features.

“I noticed it was getting hot in the car and a strange smell started coming in,” Rodriguez told the news station.

Rodriguez told KABC that while the brakes were still working, he was worried he wouldn’t be able to accelerate if he slowed down.

“I was nervous that someone would bump into me,” he said.

And although he was able to successfully pull over to the side of the road with the help of a California Highway Patrol officer and was pulled over to fix his car, Rodriguez said Tesla didn’t give him many details about his car malfunction.

Tesla said in its report that the vehicle’s freeze was caused by “poor contact from the charging port door which shut down the power conversion system,” Rodriguez told KABC.

Some Tesla Model 3 owners have reported malfunctions and other problems with their vehicle’s power transmission system. in 2019, Some vehicles have “request service” popups. On display due to “unforeseen circumstances” affecting the power conversion system.

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KABC attempted to contact Tesla’s PR team – which Quietly resolved in 2020.

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