Do you want a new job? Want to go outside? This company is recruiting for Netherlands – Forever Young

oh Clan together with Ergon works Recruits more than 300 Portuguese experts to the Netherlands to coordinate projects in the fields of redesigning building facades and assembling modular homes.

Window fitter, frame fitter and cladder/assembler of steel frames, as well as carpenters, locksmiths or other occupations related to the construction industry are the most sought after jobs. Depending on the experience and expectations of the candidates, placements will be made across the country and Germany may also be a possible destination.

Based on the profile, Clan and Ergon Jobs intend to recruit professionals with European citizenship, immediate availability and experience in the construction sector. Other requirements include motivation to work abroad and proficiency in English, Dutch or German.

In addition to a competitive salary and the opportunity to live an international work experience, all candidates will receive health insurance, accommodation and support in the bureaucratic processes of working in the Netherlands.

Interested professionals should approach to apply Dedicated clan pageYou can consult each vacancy and its requirements and fill the application form in a simple and quick way.


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