Disgaea 6 Complete announced for PS5, PS4 and PC

Nippon Aichi program And NIS America announce Disgaea 6 Complete to PlayStation 5And Playstation 4And computer (steam). The PlayStation 5 version will launch on June 16 in Japan for 6,980 yen (7,676 yen with tax), followed by all three releases this summer in North America, Europe and Australia.

Disgaea 6 Complete Includes all character content and downloadable cosmetics that followed the release of the original Disga 6: Destiny Challengewhich is the first Disgaya The game will appear on PlayStation 5.

Disga 6: Destiny Challenge It was first released for PlayStation 4 and Switch on January 28, 2021 in Japan, and for Switch on June 29, 2021 worldwide. The PlayStation 4 version has not been released in the West.

In North America, limited edition pre-orders are now available for PlayStation 5 And Playstation 4 for $109.99, which includes a copy of the Deluxe Edition game, hadrcover artwork, two-disc soundtrack, SteelBook, canvas poster, and four artworks Cards, and the collector’s box.

In Japan, pre-orders for a Nippon1.jp متجر Store– An exclusive limited edition is now available for 10,000 yen (11,000 yen with taxes), which includes a copy of the game, a Bieko nanoblock Building block, and Disgaya Art book series and special bookcase.

Here is an overview of Desiga 6 CompleteVia NIS America:


Zedd is a bragging zombie who plunges down the lowest rung on the underworld ladder alongside his sister Biko. When the God of Destruction threatens their (non-) way of life, Zed must harness his unique ability of superhuman reincarnation to stand against the approaching danger. Along the way, he’ll unite with the quirky and colorful residents of the underworld, take on challenges around and within it, and see if even an undying brawler like him can defy the odds!

Disga 6: Destiny Challenge It unites a grim yet impactful storyline with insane tactical combat, while introducing gameplay elements not seen in previous installments. As a result, new and returning players alike can take a truly unforgettable and unique journey through the underworld. Bring pain into battle with special attacks and support from a large number of allied units. Customizable settings such as Auto, Retry, and Replay allow hardcore and casual players to fight in their own way. And if things take a terrible turn, use supernatural reincarnation to join the fight and keep trying until you succeed. This truly is another world for everyone!

Feature guides

  • From grave to glory Join Zedd on his quest to rise above his humblest position and challenge the God of Destruction. Along the way, meet funny characters, explore chaotic new worlds, and discover the power of sibling bonds and grit.
  • It doesn’t die and it can’t be stopped – Experience tactical combat complete with insane special attacks and a variety of allies to choose from. And when things get really hairy, use your supernatural reincarnation to keep trying until you succeed!
  • Another world for everyone – With customizable gameplay features like AutoPlay and Demon Intelligence, new and returning players can create an HL experience to suit their lifestyle. diving in Disgaya It has never been easier! in addition to, Disgaea 6 Complete Includes new downloadable recolored content in addition to all previously released character and cosmetic downloadable content.

Watch the trailer ad below. View a set of screenshots in the gallery. Visit the official website here.

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