Dana White: Joe Rogan could have worked at UFC 271, scheduling the conflict story called ‘bullshit*t’

The plot thickens around Joe RoganHis absence from the UFC’s latest pay-per-view.

Earlier this week, it was initially reported that Rogan would be serving his regular role as color commentator for UFC 271But It was reported later on Friday who – which Michael Bisping will replace it. In a statement issued to MMA Fighting, the UFC said Rogan had a “scheduling conflict” that made him unavailable for Saturday’s event.

Rogan is a mainstay of the UFC’s pay-per-view system, and the timing of the news was suspicious as he recently came under fire after a video showing him Using elemental slur on multiple occasionsas well as for using his popular podcast To provide a platform for guests with controversial situations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

UFC President Dana White Asked about his thoughts on placing Rogan at UFC 271 after the fight, he refuted the UFC’s official statement, saying that Rogan was available to work at the comment desk.

“There is no conflict in the schedule,” White said. “Joe Rogan didn’t work tonight. Joe Rogan could’ve worked tonight.”

Pressed for details, White confirmed it was Rogan’s choice not to comment on Saturday.

“Yes,” White said. “I don’t know what Joe Rogan had to do, you guys are going to have to ask Joe Rogan, but there was no ‘Joe Can’t Work’ or anything like that. I know this came out. It’s total bullshit.”

Rogan’s absence was noted during the evening as “Free Joe Rogan” broke out on more than one occasion at the Toyota Center. Rogan is expected to resume his duties in UFC 272 In Las Vegas on March 5th.

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However, White couldn’t say for sure when Rogan’s return would be.

When it will work again, it will work,” White said.

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